By The Sun - Swim

By The Sun - Swim

Introducing Our First-Ever Swim Drop: The Costa Top and Bottom


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first-ever swimwear collection, the Costa Top and Bottom. This labor of love from our founders, Kelsey and Sarah, is the culmination of their passion for fashion, sustainability, and an active lifestyle.


Kelsey, an ocean lover who spends her free time surfing and playing beach volleyball, wanted a swimsuit that could keep up with her active lifestyle. Sarah, who has years of experience in the swimwear industry, had always dreamed of creating her own swimwear line. Together, they set out to create a collection that was not only practical and functional but also beautiful and sustainable.


The Costa Top and Bottom are the perfect embodiment of their vision. Made from high-quality, sustainable fabrics, they feature a unique texture in two gorgeous color ways that reflect the sun, ocean, light, and earth. 

We are proud to use eco-friendly materials in our products. Our suits quite literally come from the sea. Each suit is made using Pantelleria which is part of the ECONYL family. The ‘terry’ like fabric is 100% regenerated Nylon yarn from pre and post consumer waste including fishing nets. With its sustainable materials and thoughtful design, the Costa Top and Bottom are a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The design of the Costa Bottom is adjustable, with ties on the sides that allow for a customizable fit according to personal preference. The Costa Top offers a minimal coverage fit, with the option to size up if you prefer more coverage. 

The creation of this collection was a global effort, with inspiration drawn from our founders' lives and experiences in multiple countries. The designs for the Costa Top and Bottom were conceived in Japan and California, drawing on the unique styles and cultures of those regions. The final product was then crafted in Bali, where the warm ocean water and stunning sunsets provided the perfect inspiration for this beautiful collection.


We hope that women everywhere will feel confident and beautiful in the Costa Top & Bottom and that they will love wearing them as much as we loved creating them. 


The next time you go for a swim in By The Sun Swim, we hope you feel the warm ocean water during a sunset, the reflection of light and pastel sky dancing around you, and feel the magic and peace that comes with wearing our swimsuit.

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