By The Sun is created & designed by Kelsey Robinson Cook (a 6'2 olympic gold medalist) and Sarah Nimptsch (a 5'3 sustainable fashion entrepreneur). Kelsey & Sarah's bond stems from their similar sense of style, values, and love for all things earth.


Sarah's previous experience in the fashion industry left her with a feeling of needing to right the wrongs she had personally witnessed. Her purpose shifted fully to sustainable and ethical fashion.


Kelsey also had a deep purpose laying within sustainable fashion. So much so that when Kelsey wasn't on the court, she was designing a private label of her own. Her line featured longer length pants to fit herself and her volleyball teammates. Throughout production, Kelsey would reach out to Sarah for advice on how to navigate the process.

After that experience, Kelsey & Sarah teamed up to create a brand, together. Sticking true to their friendship, By The Sun does not discriminate against height. With our pants coming in two length inseams, there's a length to fit all. Rooted in our conjoined appreciation for the earth, sustainability is at the forefront of every decision made.

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